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We are delighted to partner with our friends at Virtual Escaping to offer you a range of Online Escape Rooms Experiences. Check out the games below and just click on the Buy Now link below. This will bring you to to begin your online adventure!

Merlin's Castle

In the heart of a mystical land, stands Merlin's Castle, a place shrouded in legends and mysteries. It beckoned brave souls from across the globe to embark on a thrilling journey through the mystical corridors of the ancient fortress. As the participants entered the digital world, they found themselves standing before the majestic gates of the castle, a gateway to an extraordinary realm of puzzles and enchantments.


Awakening from sleep, you discover that you are no longer in the classroom you fell asleep in. With a barely recognizable atmosphere, you find yourself in a twisted reality lost in time. With a ticking clock and no one to help you, you must keep your wits in these unusual circumstances.

The Saloon

Welcome to the Saloon, a place where people from all across the countryside come to get swindled and make connections. The night started like any other until Roscoe “Long-Shot” Conner burst through the door. Hot on his heels is the Bullet-Tooth gang claiming that Conner stole from them, but Conner denies it, and now they’re threatening to burn the Saloon down with you in it! Who do you believe in this high-stakes shakedown?

Underground Murder

On his way to work, a young man is killed on the subway. How he was murdered is still unknown. Suspects and witnesses have been questioned, but now it's up to you to find out exactly what happened.

Artifact Isle

After receiving a diary from your late grandfather, you realize he was not crazy after all. The forbidden island is real, and you've just uncovered a cornucopia of history. Many have sought after it, but few have found, and those who have, lost more than they bargained for. In this thrilling adventure, your team will have to recover the lost artifacts and find the hidden treasure before you’re swallowed up into the watery abyss.

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