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2nd/3rd Floors, 2 Canices Court, Dean Street, Kilkenny

Email: info@knowwayout.ie 

Phone : 087 343 7303





KnowWayOut hosts exciting and fun games. Book one of our unique escape rooms today! We guarantee you are in for a thrill! Ready to take the plunge and immerse yourself in an interactive experience unlike any other?

Rogue Nation

The world is on the brink of Nuclear War. A deranged villain has positioned a number of operatives all over the world to launch a series of bombs that will destroy the world.

The team, elite Special Forces operatives, have infiltrated the villain’s HQ with just a simple code. They have to work quickly to decipher the plans and to obtain the Launch Codes in order to stop a worldwide catastrophe.

Lost Soul

The soul of Annabelle is trapped between this world and the next. You must journey to her limbo and free her soul before it is completely consumed by evil and dragged to the Underworld for eternity. Opening the final door will allow her soul to be free. Failure will see

Annabelle, and you, to be damned for all time...


You have been put in prison for a crime you didn’t commit. Someone has framed you and you have to prove your innocence and escape the jail before the Warden returns. Escape will mean your freedom. Failure will mean you are sent to the chair.